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We have experience in many fields, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial projects. Many of the residential projects have consisted of renovating farm buildings to homes, something that has happened naturally in these parts as the farming industry diversified to various ventures. Despite that, the new millennium has brought with it some new and exiting work, and has given the company an opportunity to expand. We have an interest in a wide range of work, and more recently have been concentrating on new-builds. Have a look through our online portfolio to see some examples.

Bryn Gadlas

bryn gadlas


Farm buildings converted into a family home in 1997.

A garage was built more recently along with a conservatory in 2010.

Both new additions were cladded in stone to match the existing buildings.

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Crowrach Uchaf, Bwlchtocyn
We have returned to Crowrach Uchaf on numerous occasions to complete different projects. One of the first projects was to adapt the old outbuildings into a new and modern accommodation which was separate to the main house. We have more recently added a conservatory to the main house along with installing a new kitchen.

Ysgubor Plas, Llwyndyrys

ysgubor plas llwyndyrys
At the turn of the millennium, this farm house which dates back to the beginning of the last century was completely renovated.

A large extension was added to the main house, along with a conservatory on a later date.

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Bwthyn Tŷ Uchaf, Rhosfawr

An old farm house converted into a luxurious home in 1997. The original buildings were adapted to include a substantial kitchen to satisfy the needs of a modern family.

Tan y Graig, Boduan

This house dates back to the nineteenth century. Our brief here was to erect an extension to house a new oak kitchen that we made. The extension was cladded with local stones, to keep the character of the main building.

Tŷ Gwyn, Pistyll
Work started at Tŷ Gwyn in 2007. The house was gutted, and we adapted some of the layout to include a substantial, luxurious kitchen on the northern facing gable.

Yr Efail, Llangybi

yr efail, llangybi

The old smithy was adapted as a part of the existing house.

The building was transformed to include a new kitchen along with a bedroom and a shower room.

Oak stairs were made by us, and were used as a prominent feature in the new room.


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Ysgubor Fawr, Llwyndyrys

This farm dates back to the 1880s. The farmhouse itself was adapted sometime during the last century, and by today the barn has been converted as a part of the house. The stonework on the outside was restored, and the timber frame extension was given a stone cladding to blend in with the old buildings. Oak windows and doors were made for the openings, which also helped to keep the character of the building.

Graig Las, Nefyn
This timber-frame house was erected in 2005 on a plot in Nefyn. Stones from the local quarry was used to clad the west facing front. An air conditioning system was installed along with under floor heating. We were also responsible for landscaping the surroundings.

Gwern, Nefyn

The existing building on this plot in Nefyn was demolished before a new timber frame dwelling was erected in 2011.The project was completed in 16 weeks, including the demolition, re-build and landscaping of the surroundings. A solar panel system was installed.

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, Llwyndyrys

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch

These old farm buildings were converted in 1999 to house offices for Gwasg Carreg Gwalch – one of Wales’s leading publishers.


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website gwasg carreg gwalch





Tafarn y Fic, Llithfaen

y fic

Tafarn y Fic is a Welsh community pub in Llithfaen, near Pwllheli.

In 1988, a number of people from the Llithfaen area formed a co-operative company and raised capital to purchase Tafarn y Fic.

Since then, it has grown into a social Welsh pub providing a variety of entertainment in the Welsh language and offering employment locally.



In 2004, following a successful grant application, we carried out extensive renovations to the pub, adding an extension to the rear of the building to house an industrial kitchen and a multipurpose room which is currently used as a restaurant.

logo fic




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This old paint shop was transformed into a gallery and flats in 2006. The building itself dates back to the nineteenth century and is located on one of Pwllheli’s busiest streets—Stryd Penlan.

The gallery on the ground floor consists of a shop and a café, whilst on the first floor there are two flats.

One of the major changes that we made was moving the front door to the corner of the building, making room for a prominent display window to frame the exquisite products that can be found inside.


logo tonnau


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GRH Foods


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